Processing and Visualizing Clickstream Data Using R

March 21, 2022, 9am-12pm (PDT)

Fernando Rodriguez & Hye Rin Lee
School of Education, UC Irvine

About this Tutorial

Student clickstream data is a valuable data source in learning analytics research. These time-stamped records of student click events within a Learning Management System (LMS) provide researchers with rich and finely detailed information about the learning process. One of the main drawbacks of student clickstream data, however, is that it is complex, requiring a nuanced understanding of the structure of the data, as well as advanced data processing techniques.

The goal of this pre-conference tutorial is to directly train researchers on processing, inspecting, and visualizing clickstream data using the R programming language. During this workshop, attendees will learn about the general structure of clickstream data and methods for working time-stamped variables. In addition to learning fundamental data cleaning and processing techniques, attendees will also learn how to construct and visualize measures of engagement.

You can register for this tutorial by visiting the 2022 Learning Analytics and Knowledge Conference website.

You can also find the full pre-conference schedule here.

Intermediate-level experience with the R programming language is required, as well as familiarity with RStudio the Tidyverse family of libraries.

If you have little to experience with R but would like to learn the necessary skills needed for this tutorial, we recommend you watch our 10-part lesson series, Intro to R for Educational Data Science.

We look forward to delivering this tutorial to the LAK community.


The data used for this tutorial is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation (Grant Number 1535300). The training is supported by the Institute of Education Sciences (Grant Number R305B210006).